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WEBINAR: Internationalizing learning 2.0: Connectivity, modularization and multi-lateral approaches – Part 1: Policy perspectives

The OBREAL GLOBAL Webinar series has been launched as a means to connect partners and members in diverse continents and to explore themes of common and emerging interest. The series is distinct in that it proposes a truly global dialogue, based on current cooperation projects and initiatives that OBREAL GLOBAL supports. The webinar – Internationalizing learning 2.0: Connectivity, modularization and multi-lateral approaches – is being offered in a two-part series – the first part focuses on the policy perspectives, while the second part has as its main theme the institutional perspectives.

The first part – Polciy perspectives – took place on June 3rd 2020 and featured the following panelists:

  • Ramon Torrent– OBREAL-Global President. Barcelona.
  • Bruno Benito – Policy Officer, international Cooperation with Latin America. DG EAC. European Commission. Brussels
  • Nodumo Dhlamini– Director of ICT & Knowledge Management (DIKM), African Association of Universities (AAU), Ghana
  • Marina Larrea– Director of Cooperation. Secretariat of University Policy. Ministry of Education. Argentine Republic
  • Vidya Yeravdekar– Pro-Chancellor Symbiosis International University and Chai of the Higher Education Sector of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), India.
  • Marcello Scalisi – Director of the Mediterranean Universities Union (UNIMED). Italy

This panel discussion argued for a new perspective on the internationalization of learning, in the context of the ‘covid’ era, with emphasis on North-South-South, multi-lateral cooperation. The webinar highlighted the existing policy frameworks and their intent to foster innovative and responsive approaches to the internationalization of higher education from a student-centered perspective. Panellists also emphasized on the need to innovate in the internationalization of learning, at a time when global solutions to global challenges are ever more urgent.

In the spirit of OBREAL GLOBAL’s multi-regional dialogues, the panel discussed the policy perspectives from the EU, Latin America, Africa and India. Amongst the topics explored were connectivity and the digital agenda, as a means to internationalize learning, flexibilization of degrees and ‘modularization’ of teaching content, and how these types of innovations can be supported by both existing policy frameworks and new platforms.

The second part of this webinar – Institutional perspectives – will take place the next June 17th, 2020 (16h CEST) and it will feature the following panel:

  • Metete Madiba Director of Students Affairs, University of Pretoria, South Africa.
  • Jimena Estrella Secretary of Research and Internationalization, National University of Cuyo, Argentina.
  • Prathap Haridoss Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Madras and Director of NPTEL,India.
  • Kiran G.R Dean,  Middle East College and Vice President OBREAL GLOBAL, Oman.
  • Chafic Mokbel Professor, University of Balamand, and Higher Education Reform Expert SPHERE Network, Lebanon Team, Lebanon.
  • Carl-Gustaf Jansson Professor Emeritus Royal Institute of Technology -KTH Sweden 

This panel will draw upon university perspectives and experiences from Latin America, Africa, Europe India and Oman, examining several components of the ‘new’ internationalized curricula: 1) ‘modular’ approaches to curricula as innovative building blocks, which can lead to joint programmes, 2) internationalized online course delivery/e-learning, and 3) more profound N-S-S institutional partnerships. Speakers will reference current institutional developments and strategies in their regions as well as current projects that are transforming this field.

The webinar is expected to generate a debate on how to innovate university cooperation from a S-S-N, multi-regional perspective in the interest of transforming teaching and learning.

Registration is open!

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