Vita Global Final Event

The final event of Vita Global project took place from 8 to 10 November 2022. The event was held in Tarragona, at the headquarters of the Universitat Rovira i Virigli, a new OBREAL Global member. Partners discussed important outcomes, such as the White Paper on modularization and flexibilization of curricula, and the implications of the project for industry.

The event was attended by Eva Valle, from the EACEA of the European Commission. The presentation of the results was made by Joan Miquel Canals (URV) and Elizabeth Colucci (OBREAL Global). The partners of this project on viticulture were able to see the different audio-visual materials produced by the modules created during this Erasmus+ project.

Moreover, this final event featured two public events that were broadcasted through OBREAL Global’s YouTube channel.

The first event was entitled “Modularisation, flexibilisation and internationalisation of curricula, teaching and learning: The contribution of Vita Global” and was addressed to academic leaders and industry partners. Its aim was to have a high-level discussion on the important work that the Vita Global project has done in examining trends and obstacles in the flexibilisation and internationalisation of curricula, and the implications for universities in modernising their teaching and learning and orienting it to the needs of the labour market and society.

The second public event was entitled “Current and future qualification needs in the wine sector. University-Industry Collaboration” and focused on the industrial partners of the Vita Global network and aimed to present and discuss the qualification needs of the wine sector and the role of HEI-industry partnerships for local and regional development.

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