Building bridges between South America and East Africa: Regional Accreditation in Higher Education meeting

In the context of the OBREAL GLOBAL South America and Africa Chapters, as well as the MoU that OBREAL GLOBAL has with the Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA), OBREAL GLOBAL organized with the support of AUGM and IUCEA, a virtual meeting to discuss issues of strategic and imminent importance for the East African regional and higher education sector, as it further integrates in the context of the East African Economic Community (EAC) – notably that of regional accreditation of study programmes.

OBREAL GLOBAL’s primary mission is to support South-South North cooperation and to facilitate connections and dialogue between its members and strategic partners in different regions of the world.

This meeting, entitled Regional Accreditation in Higher Education: Contexts, approaches and the role of regional associations, served to promote dialogue between AUGM, IUCEA and several universities, public officials and experts from both regions, to explore the topic of regional accreditation processes and the role of university associations.

The meeting  took place on 18 January 2021.


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