The South American Chapter of OBREAL Global has organised a series of focus groups in Argentina and Uruguay.

The South American Chapter of OBREAL Global is articulating a range of capacity building initiatives in two priority areas in higher education.

  • Digitalisation and virtualisation of the academic offer.
  • Internationalisation of the curriculum.

Following the focus groups in Brazil, on this occasion it is the Uruguayan and Argentinean members of the South American Chapter of OBREAL Global who are organising this series of focus groups.

In order to prepare this offer, a series of focus group meetings have been organised with panels representing Uruguayan and Argentinean HEIs. For each of the two themes, two focus groups will be developed: one composed of specialists in the field of international university relations and the other composed of representatives of the academic areas of the same institutions.

The next focus group will take place on 18 February and will include the heads of the international relations offices.

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