Welcome to the OBREAL Global South American Chapter

On the basis of the work carried out at a sub-regional level by the project ALFA PUENTES, and the projects ULISESCAMINOS and MIMIR ANDIO and based on the conclusions of the conference “CAMINO A FIESA” (2019) and the “Global Meeting of June 11, 2020, the South American partners of OBREAL-Global together with the Secretary General decide to start the South American Chapter.

The South American Chapter of OBREAL-Global is a flexible structure within the association that is organized on the following structure.

a- Two operational offices for administrative issues provided by OBREAL members. One in Bogota, Colombia, where OBREAL-Global already has a small operational base and the other facilitated by the University of Mar del Plata in Argentina.

b- Two institutions that, on a rotating basis (for 2 years) assume the tasks of Chair of the group through the representation of their executive directors.

Coordinating and Featured Institutions

These are the coordinating institutions of the South American Chapter since 2020..

13 Oct
The recordings of Session 1 of the Interregional Dialogues on the Internationalisation of Higher Education between India and South America are now available.
The first of the OBREAL Global’s Interregional Dialogues series is being organised by the Brazilian Association for Higher Education – FAUBAI –, Symbiosis International University, the South American and the Indian OBREAL [...]
28 Jun
Mimir Andino – Second event of the series “Cafés Mimir Andino”
The second event in the series “Cafés Mimir Andino” will take place on 29 June and will focus on how to communicate research: university and public opinion. This event will [...]
17 Jun
Chapter South America: Webinar series on trends in internationalisation – Recordings available!
The Chapter South America organised a series of webinar that aimed to present and discus, from an inter-regional perspective, the main trends on internationalisation of the curriculum and digitisation of learning. The [...]
3 Jun
11 June – Second webinar of the series organised by the Chapter South America
On June 11, the second webinar of the series organised by the South American Chapter of OBREAL Global will take place. This event, entiteled  The future of internationalisation: challenges from [...]
04 MAY

We would like to announce the CESA Higher Education in Focus series of events which will take place between May and June.

01 MAY

The Centre for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL) and the Office of the Vice President for Learning and Teaching are launching a series of online Learning & Teaching Research Showcase events.