CAMINOS Project (2017-2019)

CAMINOS is a project co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union and coordinated by OBREAL. CAMINOS aims to contribute to the deepening of the Latin American Higher Education Space by improving the capacity of universities, university associations and networks to enhance, promote and manage internal, regional Latin American student and staff mobility.

HICA Project

HICA was an ‘structural’ project co-financed by the European Commission in Latin America under the Erasmus+ programme. HICA involved universities, national university associations, ministries and Central American regional bodies, as well as several European institutions, including University College Cork, HICA promoted a dynamic partnership for higher education reform, harmonization and quality enhanced. It was developed upon a previous EU initiative to foster a qualifications framework for the Central American region, based on European good practice, and also supports Central American universities to implement learning outcomes based approaches in their curricula.

ULISES Project

Universities Linking Initiatives and Synergies in Europe and South America, “ULISES” Project (2013-2015) contributed to the development of the Common Area of Higher Education ALCUE and promoted the active participation of EU and LAC Higher Education Institutions as well as academic staff, policy makers, decision makers, managers and administrators. Its multiplying effect benefited other stakeholders such as Higher education inspectors EU and LAC HE Advisors and Counsellors and the Research and Industry community in both regions as well.

Alfa PUENTES Project

The Alfa PUENTES Project was an international cooperation initiative created to foster the development of the Latin American Higher Education Area. Led by European and Latin American university associations, it aims to improve modernisation mechanisms, reform and harmonisation of Latin American education systems, and promote large-scale collaboration between European and Latin American universities. Co-financed by the European Commission Alfa programme, the project covered a three-year period (2011-2014).