More than 1200 viewers at OBREAL Global in Focus 2021.

The OBREAL Global in Focus 2021 sessions have come to an end. This series of events will culminate next week with the integration of the 2021 edition of the SIU AIU Annual Conference on Internationalisation of Higher Education (IHE 2021), organised by Symbiosis International University, Pune, India and the Association of Indian Universities, with the support of the OBREAL Global India Chapter.

During the first four weeks of OBREAL Global in Focus 2021 activities, more than 50 panelists from all over the world have participated in these events and have given their perspective on the different topics related to South-South-North cooperation.

We have been honoured to have more than 1200 viewers from all over the world, we would like to thank each of our viewers for their engagement and valuable contributions to the discussions held at OBREAL Global in Focus 2021. Thank you very much!

You can access all the recordings of the OBREAL Global in Focus 2021 sessions here.

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