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ABOUT THE buenos aires event

The Interregional Dialogue on Education and Development in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa will be held in person from 28 to 31 March 2023 in the city of Buenos Aires. This event responds to the will expressed during the III Meeting of Ministers of Education of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States held in May 2022 in Buenos Aires in relation to the configuration “of a regional higher education space as an instance of academic integration and solidarity cooperation that facilitates dialogue and synergies with extra-regional partners – with special emphasis on South-South cooperation – in close collaboration with the Latin American and Caribbean Higher Education Area (ENLACES), to move forward with the agreements proposed in the framework of the Regional Conferences on Higher Education in Latin America and the Caribbean. ” This meeting will aim to follow up on the work agenda agreed at the Interregional Dialogue Meeting on the role of South-South-North interregional cooperation in higher education for development: focus on Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean and Europe, co-organised by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Argentina, CELAC and OBREAL Global on 23 November in the city of Barcelona.

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