In India and the GCC region the Global Observatory endeavors to fulfill creative human potential through education, inquiry, innovation, intercultural engagement and service. To do this, it strives to interconnect a wide range of stakeholders that are critical in fostering sustainable development in the context of globalization.

We contribute to building long term, cross sectoral partnerships in education, industry and governance that are mutually beneficial, and locally and globally relevant with regards to training young people and adults for current and future societal, economic and environmental challenges.

Our Indian-GCC strategy is unique with tremendous potential to advance, equitably and competitively in the region. Premised upon strategic links between the higher education sector, government and industry, the Global Observatory offers a platform for diverse stakeholders, wishing to exploit a diversity of funding sources and expand their international collaboration repertoire when it comes to achieving development goals.

EMA3 Project: Linking-MED-GULF

Linking- MED-GULF was an Erasmus Mundus project that created Synergies and Innovation Linking Europe, the MENA region and the Gulf in Higher Education & Research. The project aimed at continuing the path opened by the project by consolidating mutual understanding and long term partnerships between the regions, with the EAIE’s collaboration, by:
I. Improving the level of awareness of the Bologna Process in the MENA Countries and in the Gulf 
II. Strengthening relations between Quality assurance and Higher Education and Research
III. Discussing the relationship between the University and Industry in the regions.
IV. Contributing to the interdisciplinary policy debate
V. Ensuring sustainable means of multiplying and disseminating successful experiences of joint actions in the areas of HE and Research

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