Welcome to the OBREAL Global Chapter South America

On the basis of the work carried out at a sub-regional level by the project ALFA PUENTES, and the projects ULISESCAMINOS and MIMIR ANDIO and based on the conclusions of the conference “CAMINO A FIESA” (2019) and the “Global Meeting of June 11, 2020, the South American partners of OBREAL-Global together with the Secretary General decide to start the South American Chapter.

The South American Chapter of OBREAL-Global is a flexible structure within the association that is organized on the following structure.

a.- Two operational offices for administrative issues provided by OBREAL members. One in Bogota, Colombia, where OBREAL-Global already has a small operational base and the other facilitated by the University of Mar del Plata in Argentina.

b.- Two institutions that, on a rotating basis (for 2 years) assume the tasks of Chair of the group through the representation of their executive directors.

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