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The ‘OBREAL Global Observatory’ (OBREAL Global), is an organisation with members from  diverse, internationally-oriented academic and research institutions, university associations and networks and individual researchers and professionals from Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

The secretariat, based in Barcelona, Spain, is driven by a dynamic, multi-lingual, multi-cultural staff with competencies in project and grant management, communications, higher education and research policy, regional integration and international relations.

 OBREAL Global  has a long experience in managing European Union (EU) funded projects in collaboration  with lead research and teaching higher education institutions, higher education organisations and associations and other social and governmental partners. 

This has primarily entailed projects which have contributed to connecting higher education actors and institutions in diverse regions, contributing to regional integration as well as to economic and social development. 

Beyond the secretariat, OBREAL Global is organized through regional and national chapters (South America, India, Central America, Caribbean, Africa) that drive its agenda based on different regional and national needs as well as commonalities, in the interest of building capacities and generating global, South-South-North collaboration.   

OBREAL-Global has satellite offices in Argentina, Colombia, India and Oman. 

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