About us

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The ‘Global Observatory’ (OBSGLOB), is a membership organisation of diverse, internationally-oriented academic and research institutions, as well as individual researchers and professionals from Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Its core value is to

  • promote dialogue and synergies between governmental, academic and social sectors, taking into account the specificities and heterogeneity of each region around the world;
  • create cross-regional and truly global bridges for enhanced development in the higher education and research sectors specifically, via collaborative multi-regional projects.

OBSGLOB has a long experience in managing European Union (EU) funded projects in cooperation with lead research and teaching higher education institutions, higher education organisations and associations and other social and governmental partners. This has primarily entailed projects which have contributed to connecting higher education actors and institutions in diverse regions, contributing to regional integration as well as to economic and social development.

OBSGLOB works in concentric thematic circles to contribute to building global bridges for higher education and research enhancement. Thematically, this is divided into three pillars:

  • Internationalisation, mobility and collaborative programmes
  • Quality assurance and recognition tools and processes
  • Research and innovation management

OBSGLOB is driven by a dynamic, multi-lingual, multi-cultural staff with competencies in project and grant management, communications, high education and research policy and international relations.