A series of focus groups will begin tomorrow in Brazil organized by the South American Chapter of OBREAL GLOBAL

In 2021, the South American Chapter of OBREAL Global has organized a series of capacity building initiatives in Brazil within the framework of the following major themes:

  • Digitalization and virtualization of academic programs.
  • Internationalization of the curriculum

A series of focus group meetings have been organized, with representative panels from Brazilian higher education institutions, which will address these themes separately and in a complementary manner.

For each of the two themes, two focus groups will be organized: one composed of specialists in the area of International Relations, and the other composed of representatives of the Academic Area of the same institutions.

The objective of the two focus groups will be to gather ideas and information on the needs in Brazil to develop skills in one of these two areas.

The document generated will serve as input to define actions during 2021.

The first focus group will discuss Digitalization and virtualization of the academic program and will take place on February 5th

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